With our dedication to the development of the hemp industry in Malawi, the Malawi Hemp Association (MHA) take great pride in the members of our association:

MHA, as a trade association, is devoted to working on behalf of all sectors of the hemp industry in Malawi. With hemp being such a versatile and beneficial commodity, we pledge our support to all members of this association in all current and future endeavours.

Join the association and we will add you to our newsletter list so that you are kept up to date with the news and activity in your area. As the industry and our association grows we will provide news, opportunities, connections and exposure for enterprises. Send us any news you wish to share, in order for us to keep other members updated.

Thank you in advance for your support as we work together to move the hemp industry forward and support the emergence of this new industry in Malawi.

"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things" - Mother Teresa



The first step in the production of a hemp product is the necessity to work with farmers to grow this crop. At MHA we endeavour to support these farmers with every step of the process, to help them navigate the registration and growing of their hemp crop.


Once farmers have grown their hemp, the next stage is to process the raw material into a variety of raw product. We are committed to helping these businesses - be they small, medium or large, - to succeed in local, national and international marketplaces – catering to the building product industry, nutraceutical industry, energy production and medicine manufacturing sectors.


MHA has made supporting the growth and development of our members a high priority, which includes the potentially rapid growth of the manufacturing industry. From nutrient supplements, body- and skincare products, clothing and medicinal products, we are excited to be part of this small business and job creation renaissance.


We will be partnering with private and public research institutions, both in Malawi and across the globe, to assist us in this budding sector. Research will include for construction material, paper products, body- and skincare products and intensive research into nutraceuticals made with specific cannabinoids found in hemp.


We understand the huge potential of this industry and as part of our commitment to helping hemp businesses succeed, our vision is to bring together investment-ready businesses with accredited investors. The worldwide networks of individual and institutional investors are rapidly discovering the growing opportunities in the hemp space.